3 Tips To Help You Write A Book Faster

3 Tips To Help You Write A Book Faster by Nailah Harvey

Writing a book is not easy. Sure, there are some simple strategies you can use to make the book-writing process more digestible, but the work still needs to be done. The WRITING still needs to be done. If you're anything like me, you don't want to wait 17 years to write the second chapter of your book after writing the first, and then another 17 years to write chapter three. I'm exaggerating, of course, but I know that writing a book can be a slow process for some people. And I understand that there are different types of writers, so there are different types of writing processes; however, I have a few tips that I believe will help every type of writer write their book faster.

1. Put your book in a 3-ring binder so you know it’s real

This may sound cheesy and pretentious all at the same time, but it works. Sometimes, we get so tied to our computers/laptops, that we can't see our writing progress or lack thereof. If you print your book out and see those bald-headed chapters, then it'll hopefully inspire you to fill them out. Or you may find that you actually need to edit a few chapters and scale down. Or you may find that your book is not that far from publish-worthy. I'm telling you, the physical, printed papers help with the book-writing process. It will feel more like a book, and it will be organized in case you want family and friends to proofread it.

2. Join a book group and get some accountability

Let's face it, people hold us accountable. Have you ever mentioned a goal to a friend and they ask you about it the following week, and you're like, "when did I say that?" Yeah, that's the beauty of accountability. Imagine if you had people with the same book-writing goal to hold you accountable. Priceless! (Check out Facebook for book groups. Feel free to join my Facebook group; it's not only for book writers but for writers, in general. CLICK HERE to join.)

3. Write everything out without worrying about editing

If you stop and think about what to keep and what to delete, you will interrupt your flow. Don't do it! Just write, and edit later.


If you’re swamped for time and have some money to spare, hire a ghostwriter. This way, you can eliminate the writing part altogether. But guess what? You still have to S.T.A.R.T..

Learn the 5-step process to START writing a book (below).