NHARV word of the day is groj

word of the day: GROJ.

the intended word, “garage” has too many vowels…i get it. LOL but for real, let’s all #LookBetterInWriting. this is unacceptable, even if the word is spelled somewhat phonetically. NO! nailah  

NHARV word of the day is jurastic

word of the day: JURASTIC.

when you’re too flustered to correctly pronounce the word “drastic.” LOL ladies and gentlemen, we have to #LookBetterInWriting! 🙂 nailah

3 tips of how to punctuate inside of a parenthesis with given examples

how to punctuate inside parentheses.

does the punctuation mark go inside the parenthesis? or does it go outside the parenthesis? if you’ve ever asked either of these questions, then this …

NHARV word of the day is manafrustration

word of the day: MANAFRUSTRATION.

i heard this word (manafrustration) and immediately knew it was meant to be “manifestation.” i laughed all day. it’s the little things. …

NHARV word of the day is betterful

word of the day: BETTERFUL.

one of my students got a little excited during the lesson on suffixes and made up his own word! i guess he …