I'm Nailah, a literary entrepreneur who founded  www.nharv.com .

Born and bred in the city of angels, I work miracles through my pen.

My name is Nailah (Ny-ee-luh), and I'm passionate about all aspects of English as an expressive language. With every client, I help them take their ideas from the brain to the keyboard in an authentic way.

My journey to becoming a personal writing rockstar began with blogging. While living in South Korea in 2012, the pen became my anecdote. Ten books later, and no stranger to Amazon, I've discovered that my purpose lies in the intersectionality of teaching, writing, and serving.

I am committed to spreading grammar awareness outside of the classroom and in the online world.
— Nailah Harvey

Technology has enhanced editing software, and it can do many great things; however, in order to make technology work for you, there are some basic tools you need to know to manipulate. For example, there a few common grammar rules that we, writers, should automatically know, and we shouldn't solely rely on spell check to present our words properly. And if you don't know the common grammar rules or don't have 100% confidence in your writing skills, it's okay. Most of the world doesn't...and I'm here to change that!

Everyone has a story, and I use grammar, copywriting, and editing to help you tell it properly.

Together, we will eliminate the excuses so that you can finally write and publish your book

Look Better In Writing on N.HARV

For those who don't like to read, here are the cliff notes:

• I'm a Los Angeles-bred book coach, copywriter, editor, and podcaster with a mission to save the world from bad grammar!

• I'm an indie author of 14 books to date (including 2 coaching clients and 1 publishing client).

• I believe 30 was the year of my writing glow up.

• I'm here to help you #LookBetterInWriting.