My name is Nailah (Ny-ee-luh), and I'm a Los Angeles-bred copywriter and copy editor with a mission to save the world from bad grammar. Just kidding! (But not really). I do, however, have a passion for writing and teaching—to name a few—and I thought this website would be a perfect way to merge my passions while providing valuable educational content. 

Launched in 2010 as The Miscellaneous Files, my failed attempts at blogging drove me back to the drawing board. I thought people wouldn't want to read about my quirky life and obsession with books, so I hid this part of me and blogged about fashion and entertainment. It was fun, but it wasn't my purpose...and people could tell! I blogged aimlessly and inconsistently for years because I didn't know my niche...

...but life changed for me after I taught and lived overseas in South Korea in 2012.

It was in South Korea (SoKo) that I wrote my first book, SoKoDiaries: An American Teacher Living in South Korea (Vol.1). The book-writing process woke up the creative, entrepreneurial side of me. Although I wrote my first (and second) book in South Korea, I didn't publish it until I returned to America in 2013. Since then, I’ve self-published at least one book per year on Once I started writing books, I couldn't stop. Divinely, I discovered my purpose in 2015: teaching, writing, and serving.

I am committed to sharing tips and resources on how to become a better writer (whether you’re writing a book, a blog, a midterm paper, or a 4-page letter).
— Nailah Harvey

I am in no way an expert writer. I strongly believe in human editors and editing software, but I do know a few things. If you want grammar and writing tips without browsing the internet, then you’ve come to the right place! 

It literally took me 5 years to find my niche and be comfortable in my creative skin. My goal is to bring grammar awareness outside of the classroom and into the online space. I firmly believe that everyone has a story, but some people are not confident enough in their grammar & writing skills to share their story. Well, that's where this website comes in. N.HARV is here to help other authors, bloggers, and online business owners (and anyone else) look better in writing by providing grammar and writing resources!

Here’s the short version of my About Me page:

• I help people take their ides from the brain to the keyboard in an organized way through copywriting and copy editing

• I’m a faith-based small business owner who is inspired by international travel & fascinated with Language Capital

• I keep my laptop w/ me as I work around town in Los Angeles, and I call it #ToLiveAndWriteInLA

• I’ve written & self-published 8 books to date

• I'm an expert at re-runs of the T.V. show Friends

• Turning 30 was the best thing that could’ve happened to my confidence

Thank you for visiting my website, N.HARV, where my goal is to inspire people to look better in writing!

I hope you appreciate my particular brand of eccentricity!