3 Common Grammar Mistakes To Avoid

3 Common Grammar Mistakes to Avoid by Nailah Harvey.png

English is the global language, therefore, it's important that we write and speak it properly and correctly. That being said, there are grammar mistakes that are more common than others, and I want to talk about 3 of them. Not only will I discuss these 3 common grammar mistakes, but I will also share ways to avoid them. (I'll keep the blog post short and sweet because I have a video that goes into more detail.)

1. Avoid not knowing the difference between THEN and THAN

Example sentences with "then":

I went to the store, then I went to school.
In 2012, I lived in South Korea. Life was simpler then.

Example sentences with "than":

The girl twin is much smaller than the boy twin.
I didn't bring anything to the picnic other than my red velvet cupcakes.


2. Avoid not knowing the difference between OUR and ARE

Example sentences with "our":

My brother and I live in LA. Our house is cool.
If I were talking about Idris Elba and me, I would say, "Our relationship is solid."

Example sentences with "are":

There are many U.S. colleges/universities that offer Creative Writing as a major.
We are traveling the world to collect stories to share. 

3. Avoid not knowing the difference between WANT and WON'T

Example sentences with "want":

I want to become a full-time college professor who teaches English & Sociology.
I want a red velvet cupcake.

Example sentences with "won't":

I will not (won't) be attending a basketball game in the future.
I will not (won't) be apart of anything negative.

Watch the video (below) to learn more about the above-mentioned grammar mistakes. And while you're on YouTube, feel free to subscribe to my channel.

Remember, grammar matters!