2016 Diary

The 2016 diary of Nailah Harvey

Happy New Year! (I hope I'm not too late with the well wishes.)

For the past two years, I've written annual blog diaries to highlight some cool, noteworthy things I’ve done throughout the year to help me be more grateful for my life. These annual blog diaries also include documented moments of growth in my business. This may sound like a weird, vain, or possibly silly concept, but it has worked for me in the past. Although I will no longer document accomplishments in this way, my annual blog diaries helped me learn the importance of gratitude. The simple things in life really do matter. (NOTE: I deleted a lot of info because I felt it wasn’t for the public.) Nevertheless, these notes are still pretty transparent.


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Now, let’s move on to 2016’s diary, shall we?


-Officially own my own car. Like, my name is on the registration. Like, the parking tickets come straight to my house. :-)
-Got into a car accident and my entire front bumper is gone. Ironical. LOL


-Visited the restaurant Public School 310
-Got 4 parking tickets. (That should be some kind of record.)


-Created a checklist (opt-in) for my blog. Finally!
-Started writing another book specifically for my blog, and specifically for my brand
-Visited the eatery LocoL in Watts


-A reader reached out to me via email for a blog review
-Got my first client for my proofreading service via Instagram
-Sold 6 books in less than two hours


-Had an unofficial book signing at my church
-Received certification for the CELDT test administration


-Started teaching early morning classes for English Language Learners 
-Moved my blog from WordPress to Squarespace and invested in my overall online presence
-My mom and I took the train to San Luis Obispo
-Turned 31 and already thought I was 31 this whole time. LOL


-Started applying for out-of-state jobs
-Was offered my first advertisement with Starbucks Frappuccino
-Started my LOOK BETTER IN WRITING Facebook Group


-Blessed with another client for my Amazon Book Publishing service
-Finalized my DBA for N.HARV
-Started official business accounts
-Bought my first external hard drive to help me clean and organize my computer
-Bought a wall calendar for my home office A.K.A. my room


-Got a business phone number with Google Voice
-Someone broke into my car, but I didn’t freak out
-Got my EIN number for N.HARV on 9/14. (I’m officially official.)
-Got invited to my first twitter chat #BossOnCampus
-Officially announced my services on my blog and social media and gained 3 new clients the same day


- Shared my first Insta Story on Indie Author Day on 10/8
-A CAREER-CHANGING DECISION WAS MADE on 10/20: I decided that I’m going to move on from K-12 & pursue higher education
-Finally started to automate my social media accounts with Buffer
-Finally signed up for Google Analytics
-My laptop went home to glory and left me without a functioning computer. (Rest in Peace.)
-I was supposed to go live & teach in South Korea, but it didn’t work out. (And for the first time, I wasn’t heart-broken.)
-My younger cousin was in a near-fatal car accident and it shook my world, but brought me closer to my family


-Heavily participated in National Novel Writing Month A.K.A. NaNoWriMo by posting some type of encouraging social media post every single day in November
-Published my first (branded) e-book, Look Better In Writing: A Quick & Easy Guide to Punctuation Marks sold exclusively on my website
-Was a guest speaker at Compton College
-Got a new laptop


-Featured in a writer's newsletter
-Avery Atkinson (Lady A) came to Los Angeles to visit me
-Scheduled my first automated Squarespace blog post. (Game changer!)
-Hosted my first LIVE virtual workshop on Squarespace and YouTube Live on 12/6
-Signed up with Medium and started blogging on 12/21
-Officially stopped paying for the themiscellaneousfiles.com domain name. It's over! :-)

2016 was a great year of personal and business growth. It was also a year of major decisions and faith.

Count your blessings every single day, people!

How was your 2016?

Let’s talk about it in the comments below.