Book-Writing Advice for my Spanish-Speaking Readers


Today is July 27th (07/27), a full-circle day for me. I was re-baptized two years ago on this day (only because I don’t remember my baptism as a baby, and I wanted to be aware of my outward expression of faith), and I'll be taking my first cruise today. We won't get into the "irony" and symbolism of the water...we'll save that for another day! *wink, wink*

Anyway, the cruise destination is MEXICO. And because I want to solidify my mark as an International Author, I'm releasing the Spanish translation of my "How To Write Your First Book: Helping Aspiring Authors Overcome the Book-Writing Hurdle" book today. 

This is only the beginning...things are getting "global" around here! :)

CLICK HERE to purchase the eBook (or click the picture above.)


Celebrating the Bookiversary of My First Grammar Book

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving!

Second of all, it's almost the bookiversary (book + anniversary) of my first grammar book, Look Better In Writing: A Quick & Easy Guide to Punctuation Marks (LBIW).

This time last year, I was writing and adding the finishing touches to the LBIW book. I released it on Black Friday in 2016. So, tomorrow, I'll be celebrating my bookiversary. In the past 364 days, my LBIW book has made its way to seven different college and university libraries. WOW!

In any case, I wanted to celebrate tomorrow by offering my LBIW book for $3.00. Say hello to Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Happy Gobble Gobble!