2015 Diary

highlights from the year 2015

Happy New Year!

2016 has been amazing for me, thus far. Hopefully, you guys have the same testimony. Instead of me talking about how grateful I am for another year, I'm gonna follow the same new year process I started last year where I list highlights of the previous year--broken down into months--showcasing the new and/or exciting things I've accomplished and learned.

click here to read my 2014 diary, otherwise, continue reading:


-Released my first short story fiction on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday (although Amazon says a different date)

-Visited the eatery "Lemonade " in Manhattan Beach and fell in love with it


-Met Issa Rae at her book signing at Eso Won Bookstore

-Was blessed with money to take the CSET for the umpteenth time

-Feb 17th was my first time subbing in almost two years and it was a Special Ed 4th grade class where one girl cried uncontrollably (yet quietly) for the last hour of class because she wanted to go home. LOL


-Submitted my grad school application to Cal State Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) as a Sociology major

-Took the CSET again

-Started working on my Chapter 30 book

-Visited the MOCA museum


-Interviewed the first person for my Chapter 30 book

-Researched another retirement plan

-Visited Grand Park in Downtown L.A.

-Visited Egg Slut in Downtown L.A.

-Visited Grand Central Market in Downtown L.A.


-Visited lots of new eateries and restaurants in L.A.


-Celebrated my 30th birthday with my family & friends

-Published my Chapter 30 book on 06.26.15

-Met Dwayne Wayne from "A Different World" at Maggiano's at The Grove


-Experienced the Carson Mall theater during its grand opening

-Taught ESL students at Cal State University Long Beach (CSULB) & discovered my love for teaching ESL

-Realized that I'm okay with teaching higher ed as opposed to K-12


-Invested in my first webinar

-Was accepted to the master's program at CSUDH

-Ate my first 3-layer red velvet cake from Lemonade


-Bought a newer car & paid cash for it. #TYJ

-Bought a DSLR camera

-Spent hundreds of dollars on eating out

-Rebranded and changed blog from "The Miscellaneous Files" to "N.HARV"


-Changed Youtube and my other social media accounts from themisfiles to N.HARV

-October 5th, I celebrated my two-year anniversary for my first book workshop with Avery of Lady A Global

-October 12th, I celebrated my first business event "Career Day" and my first book signing

-October 12th, I recorded my first periscope broadcast to celebrate my business anniversary & I started subbing again


-Dedicated time on the weekends to practice photography w/ my Canon T3i

-Visited the California Science Center & saw a space movie at the IMAX theater

-Started working as a Language Arts Intervention Specialist for an elementary school


-Hosted my second book signing for my latest book, Chapter 30" How To Make Less Regretful Decisions in Your 20s

-Took a road trip with my close friend and traveled from California to Georgia. (8 states in 2 days).

Whew! I can honestly say that my 2015 was a year of recovery, and I am grateful for every bit of it.

How was your 2015?

Let's talk about it in the comment section below!


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