30 Life Lessons I Learned at Age 30.

30 life lessons i learned at age 30
30 life lessons i learned at age 30

Below are a few things I picked up along the way in these 30 short years of my life:

  1. Although I've been out of grade school for years, I still want to go school shopping every Fall
  2. Confidence will sort of just come out of nowhere
  3. You'll care about people's opinions less, however, people's opinions will still hold some weight
  4. You'll get along with your parents more because you will understand them more
  5. You'll realize that your parents put up with your attitude (as a child) far too long
  6.  You'll start to say things like, “I remember when…”, and “when I was your age…”
  7. You'll despise current music and have an iTunes/Google Play/Amazon library that is filled with music from the 90s and early 00s
  8. You'll realize that saying "I'm sorry" goes a long way
  9. Your little cousins will become more cool than you are
  10. Your little cousins will somehow have more money than you do
  11. Stability will be the new "sexy" s-word
  12. If you're a teacher, you'll either feel weirdly cool or old
  13. You'll no longer have road rage because you'll realize that people are crazy
  14. You'll start to think more about settling down w/ a family
  15. After paying off bills and having more financial freedom, your thoughts about "family" with decrease
  16. Your cell phone bill will magically decrease. it could be because your smaller circle of friends or because you no longer see the need to pay a million dollars a month for data minutes
  17. Daylight savings will age you because you'll want to be in the house when it's dark...and that's about 3:00 P.M. in Los Angeles
  18. You'll consider getting a house phone again just to give out that number instead of your cell phone number
  19. Instead of working more than one job to stay afloat financially, you'll think of other entrepreneurial ways to create income (i.e. online businesses)
  20. Passive income will become an obsession
  21. Multiple streams of income will become your new goal in life
  22. Fast food will no longer taste as good. **FYI--Chipotle is not considered fast food**
  23. You'll look forward to relaxing at home (without work) more than you'll look forward to the actual winter holidays
  24. You'll dread Christmas because you're now the one buying the gifts as opposed to receiving them. (Disclaimer: I love Christmas and Jesus)
  25. Dating men/women in their 40s is not as gross as it sounded when you were in your 20s
  26. You'll develop a 0 tolerance for foolywang in your dating life
  27. The generation coming after you will break your heart. why? Because you'll just feel sorry for how much harder they'll have to work for what they want. You'll also feel sorry for how silly they are. LOL
  28. You'll see your parents more as friends (but every so often they'll set you straight and remind you that they're still your parents)
  29. Regular milk is not the same according to your body's reaction to it
  30. You'll no longer hide behind the excuse " I'm young" and will start owning up to who you are and who you want to become

What pearls of wisdom have you learned in your 30s (or 20s, 40s, etc.)? There's no age limit to learning :-)