I Was Mentioned in The New York Times

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December 10, 2018 will be another date that I’ll remember forever. This is the day that I was mentioned in one of America’s largest publications, The New York Times. The article is titled, “How to Finally Write Your Nonfiction Book,” and it is written by Kristin Wong, author of Get Money.

This mention is such an honor…I’ve been on cloud 9 since Monday!

I wholeheartedly believe in using whatever resources you have to write and publish a book, no matter if the resources are limited. In the article, I gave a little advice on the online publishing platforms a.k.a. the cost-effective resources needed to self-publish.

READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/10/smarter-living/how-to-finally-write-your-nonfiction-book.html

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. :)



Why the Black Panther Movie Inspired Me to Write

Why the Black Panther Movie Inspired Me to Write

The Black Panther movie is expected to generate about $200 million this weekend. Aside from the projected monetary success, the critically-acclaimed reviews will put this film in a category of its own. Black Panther is not just another superhero movie. It's a cultural milestone; a movement. Needless to say, I can't help but think about the possibility of this movie not happening.

What if Ryan Coogler--the writer and director of Black Panther--would've quit halfway? Then we wouldn't have had the privilege of experiencing this moment in history. A moment that has unified a group of people with something (seemingly) as simple as attire. What if Coogler would've said it was too much or deemed the production unworthy? Then we wouldn't have had this example of a success story. The success story of a rising director and screenwriter in a well-established town called Hollywood.

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