Welcome to the Look Better In Writing Podcast!

The Look Better In Writing (LBIW) podcast is finally here. YAY! It's an audio outlet for all things writing and all things grammar. Think of it as another branch of this website. :)

Now, let me share why this podcast is so important to me...

Since turning 30, my birthday traditions have consisted of:
* A few hours of pure solitude to reflect on God’s goodness
* A new personal & professional challenge, and
* A conquered fear

Well, today, I combined 2 & 3 and started a podcast. YIKES! 😳 I sat on this idea for years now, but fear held me back. And while I’m still uncomfortable with recording my voice, I believe in feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

That being said...

I would love if you guys celebrated my birthday w/ me by taking a quick listen to my #LookBetterInWriting podcast and helping me spread the word.

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE: https://soundcloud.com/lookbetterinwriting/episode-1-intro

4 Things Good Writers Do to Edit

4 Things Good Writers Do to Edit

After writing and publishing books for over five years, I feel like I have useful tips and hacks to help new writers have professional-looking work whether they write a book or not. For whatever reason, it's hard for me to outwardly call myself as a "good writer," but I will say that I'm an experienced writer. That being said, I hope you take these tips into consideration because they were created from mistakes and lessons that I've learned along the way.

1. Make Sure the Punctuation is Correct and Proper

Correct grammar is true across the board and is error-free. Proper grammar is suitable and/or appropriate considering the social standard. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it is correct. Knowingly, correct and proper punctuation dresses your words and ensures that readers read what you actually say and not what you mean to say. “In writing, punctuation plays the role of body language. It helps readers hear you the way you want to be heard." –-Russell Baker

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A Quick & Easy Guide to Capitalization (In Writing)

A Quick & Easy Guide to Capitalization (In Writing)


Ever drafted an email and got stuck on whether or not you should capitalize a word? Ever wanted to recommend a book online, but didn’t know how to capitalize the book title? If you’ve ever gotten confused about capitalizing days of the week, seasons, and proper nouns, then Look Better In Writing: A Quick & Easy Guide to Capitalization is for you.

Don’t let a basic grammar rule like capitalization hold you back from writing an easy-to-understand text message, social media caption, blog post, college essay, professional email, business proposal, church announcement, or any other form of written communication. The meaning of a word can change by simply capitalizing one letter in that word. That’s pretty powerful! Learn how to hold the power in your hands by learning when, why, and how to capitalize in writing.

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3 Easy Capitalization Rules

3 Easy Capitalization Rules

We all know the basic capitalization rules like capitalize the first word of a sentence. But there are a few more common rules for capitalization that I'd like to bring to your attention.

1. Capitalize Proper Nouns

A proper noun is the name of noun (a person, place, thing, or idea). More specifically, a "proper noun has two distinctive features: 1) it will name a specific [usually a one-of-a-kind] item, and 2) it will begin with a capital letter no matter where it occurs in a sentence. For example:

President Obama is writing a book.
I would love to interview President Obama.
I wonder if President Obama is fully rested after serving two terms in the White House.

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Celebrating the Bookiversary of My First Grammar Book

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving!

Second of all, it's almost the bookiversary (book + anniversary) of my first grammar book, Look Better In Writing: A Quick & Easy Guide to Punctuation Marks (LBIW).

This time last year, I was writing and adding the finishing touches to the LBIW book. I released it on Black Friday in 2016. So, tomorrow, I'll be celebrating my bookiversary. In the past 364 days, my LBIW book has made its way to seven different college and university libraries. WOW!

In any case, I wanted to celebrate tomorrow by offering my LBIW book for $3.00. Say hello to Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Happy Gobble Gobble!


3 Common Grammar Mistakes To Avoid

3 Common Grammar Mistakes To Avoid

English is the global language, therefore, it's important that we write and speak it properly and correctly. That being said, there are grammar mistakes that are more common than others, and I want to talk about 3 of them. Not only will I discuss these 3 common grammar mistakes, but I will also share ways to avoid them. (I'll keep the blog post short and sweet because I have a video that goes into more detail.)

1 || Avoid not knowing the difference between THEN and THAN

Example sentences with "then":

I went to the store, then I went to school.
In 2012, I lived in South Korea. Life was simpler then.

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How To Improve Your Writing Swag

Happy Wednesday!

No, no...Happy Writer Wednesday!

I thought it would be a perfect day to help you improve your writing swag. It's not that I don't think you already have writing swag, I just wanna upgrade ya! Okay, that's enough pop culture references for one blog post. Let's get into the content. 

There are many ways a person can take their writing from good to great, but I thought I would simplify things by providing 3 quick & easy tips...

1. Clearly express the tone of your written piece. Your choice of words should match your attitude. (e.g. formal, informal, sad, silly). Keep it PG-13, tho. LOL

2. Omit the unnecessary. It doesn't take a million words to write a simple sentence. Save the extra adjectives and prepositions for another sentence. It's okay. Really. 

3. Use punctuation marks correctly and properly. There's a difference between "Let's eat, grandma!" AND "Let's eat grandma!" Grandmothers are not food, but without a comma in its proper place, your sentence can read as such. 

Happy Writing!


Why you need my new "Look Better In Writing" eBook

Why you need my new "Look Better In Writing" eBook

It's here, it's here!

Happy Black Friday, y'all!

For those who were bold enough to go out shopping today, I hope you had a safe journey. For those who stayed in, I hope you guys had a chance to check out my new eBook, Look Better In Writing: A Quick & Easy Guide to Punctuation Marks. If not, it's okay...you can download it now. :)

I'm so excited because this is the first book that I've written in direct alignment with my brand.

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