Hey, Writers!

Welcome to the movement! Look Better In Writing is not only a mantra (created by me, Nailah Harvey), but it is a lifestyle; a brand. Why? Because writing is a form of communication and communication matters. With English being the most powerful language in the world, I believe it's important for us, human beings, to speak and write it correctly and properly.

Sometimes, our first impression is given through our writing. Whether it's through our resumes, our books, our college papers, our websites, or our social media pages., our words precede us. Well, Look Better In Writing is an encouraging resource to make sure our words represent us in the best possible light.

If you're passionate about your words and online appearance, then feel free to join the community (below) and become the best written version of yourself.


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Join the #LookBetterInWriting group on Facebook and be social about your love for writing.

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Get some grammar swag on the go and listen to the #LookBetterInWriting podcast.

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Make #LookBetterInWriting a lifestyle and shop for grammar-inspired t-shirts and mugs.

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Look Better In Writing will soon be representing writers across America with virtual and live (writing) workshops! The workshops will include both the ministry and the marketplace.