Hey, Writers!

Welcome to the movement! Look Better In Writing is not only a mantra and a brand (created by Nailah Harvey), but it is a lifestyle. Why? Because writing is a form of communication and communication matters. Communication is a lifestyle.

With English being the most powerful language in the world, it is important to understand how to communicate the English language correctly and properly.

With the rise in social media and online marketing, your writing is often someone else's first impression of you. Whether it's through a resume, a book, a bio, or a college paper, your words precede you.

Well, Look Better In Writing is a host of resources committed to making sure your words represent you in the best possible light.

If you're passionate about your words and online appearance, then feel free to join the community (below) and become the best written version of yourself.


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Join the #LookBetterInWriting group on Facebook and be social about your love for writing while spreading a little bit of grammar awareness. We are a family...a writing family!

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Download the grammar guide that defines & exemplifies all 14 most-commonly used punctuation marks according to (American) Standard English grammar. 

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Download the second grammar guide that teaches you how to capitalize days of the week, proper nouns, and more [according to (American) Standard English grammar.] *This 54-page eBook also doubles as a fill-in workbook.