Are You Ready to Write Your First Book?

Ever wanted to write a book, but you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start?

Ever felt stuck with a million book ideas but no clear plan of execution?

Tired of scrolling through and NOT seeing your book as an option (because you haven’t written or published it)?

I understand your pain. I was once there.

In 2013, I wrote and published my first book, and I did a lot of things wrong. Thankfully, I did one thing right…I created a system to help me organize my thoughts and bring my book to life.

Six years later, I still stand by my book-writing system. In fact, I’ve used this strategy a.k.a. 5-step process to write all 10 of my books, and I will continue to use this system because it works. (NOTE: I was mentioned in The New York Times last year. This doesn’t really have anything to do with anything, but I just had to throw it out there to beef up my street cred. LOL)

Moving on…

Writers, it’s time to step out of fear, doubt, and confusion. It’s time to finally WRITE YOUR BOOK!

The “How to Write Your First Book” in-person workshop will take you from "dreaming" to "doing."

Sometimes we have ideas in our head that we can’t quite figure out how to get on paper or computer screens…that’s where I come in.

Sometimes we need a little hand holding to get through our book-writing process…that’s where I come in.

The benefits of this workshop:

  •  The opportunity to change the broken record of the “I want to write a book” sad song to the “I AM writing a book” soundtrack 

And if that isn’t enough, here are some benefits that my (book) clients have said over the years:

  • This strategy helps you stay focused on one book idea at a time, and that focus helps you execute

  • This strategy brings clarity, and the clarity is necessary for outlining chapters and editing

This workshop will include:

  • A two-hour strategy session with yours truly as well as other first-time authors

  • Guided materials to help process your book ideas

  • Refreshments (because: duh)