Need a biography (bio)?

Preparing for a speaking engagement and don't have a way to give the audience insight into your life? YOU NEED A BIO.

Pitching your story to brands or podcast hosts and don’t have a summary of your successes to complement your media kit? YOU NEED A BIO.

Searching for a job on LinkedIn and need a compelling profile summary to streamline your collegiate and career achievements? YOU NEED A BIO.

Being featured in a blog post or national publication and don't have an organized list of accomplishments to highlight your greatness? YOU NEED A BIO.

The bio package includes two custom biographies:

  • a professional bio for websites, media kits, and other digital platforms. (Up to 300 words.)

  • a short bio for podcast intros and speaking engagements. (Up to 150 words)

*Includes one round of edits



Ready to get your book edited?

I believe everyone has a story inside of them, and I want to help you share yours! Let me be specific, I want to help you publish your book on Amazon. But before you publish any work, it needs to be readable. Am I right or am I right?!

If you're looking for someone to help edit your book so that it will be easy to read, then you've come to the right place. I CAN HELP!

Having edited multiple books (of different genres) that were published on Amazon, I’m confident that I can help you present the best representation of your work to the world :)

Sometimes you need that extra bit of help to get you to the next stage. That being said, let me help make your book-publishing process a little less overwhelming by taking care of the most important part: THE EDITING. Once we're done working together, you'll be able to successfully publish your book without worrying about multiple grammatical errors.

This service includes:

  • One complimentary 30-minute coaching call

  • Unlimited email correspondence

  • Copy editing up to 30,000 words (.04/word)