#WritingTip No.2: Know the Difference Between Comparative & Superlative Adjectives


Is it bigger? Is it more bigger? is it most bigful?

Sometimes, describing things can be a challenge, especially when you're comparing two or more things. That's why it's important to know the difference between comparative and superlative adjectives.

A comparative adjective is when you describe two things (or any noun) by comparing. You can use the word "more" in front of the adjective if it has more than two syllables, or add "er" to the end of the adjective if it has one syllable (and doesn't end in y):

Ex. The bed is bigger than the dresser.

In the above example, bed and dresser are being compared, therefore, I used a comparative adjective. I used the one syllable adjective "big" to describe the nouns.

But what if I want to compare the bed to the dresser, and the nightstand, and the desk? In that case, I would use a superlative adjective because it's describing more than two things:

Ex. The bed is the biggest of all the items in the bedroom.

Remember: An adjective describes and/or modifies a noun, a comparative adjective compares two nouns, and a superlative adjective compares more than two nouns.

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Be brave, writers!