Word of the Day: WHERELESS

NHARV word of the day is whereless and black lives matter blog

Today's word of the day comes from my very own brother. His exact words were, "Where do you think that description came from? It had to come from somewhere. It's not whereless." LOL

As funny as that statement is, I can't help but think about a time when I may not be able to enjoy my annoying little brother and his weird humor. I mean, he can possibly be killed by the police for being...funny. (Sorry to switch gears here, but I can't ignore what's going on in America. And sorry I didn't segue into this topic of conversation with eloquence. Vulnerability can't be perfected.)

My heart is broken, y'all.

There are no words to describe how saddened I am about the ongoing police brutality occurring in this country. Of course, I love all people and I'm engaged in all world affairs, but this particular matter hits home for me. I'm black. My brother is black. My dad is black, and so on.

Where are the compassionate words from our law enforcement in response to taking innocent lives of Black men?

Where are the apologetic words from one of our presidential candidates in response to condemning a football player who decided to exercise his right to freedom of expression by sitting during the national anthem?

Where is the WORD of the day that sums up these two matters in U.S. news so we can address the problem and try to make amends?

Anyway, I love y'all. I love everybody.

A concerned American