Word of the Day: UNEXCELLENT

NHARV word of the day is unexcellent

Today's word of the day is intentional and was said about six weeks by Pastor Toure Roberts of One Church LA. Of course, Pastor Toure knew (and knows) that unexcellent was/is not a word, but it was said to make us think about things that are the opposite of "excellent." In case you were wondering, the sermon topic was about excellence.

Because today is U.S. Election Day (2016), I feel like it's necessary to share some encouragement via pastor Toure Roberts:

  • Excellence is not a destination or action, it's an identity.
  • Focus and discipline create the bedrock of excellence.
  • Excellence isn't about being superior to others...it's about manifesting a more superior YOU!

Go be excellent, today. GO VOTE!