Word of the Day: HECTIVE

NHARV word of the day is hective

A new blog segment? Why not.

I wanted to formally introduce the "Word of the Day" segment in 2016 as part of my new content campaign, but it's just too good to not share immediately. LOL

The words of the day are words that I've heard in conversation or have read in writing that, ya know, didn't quite work too well. Or better yet, these words were/are not actually words.

This blog segment is not meant to make fun of anyone, it's simply meant to bring awareness to spelling mistakes. Okay, maybe it's meant to poke a little fun at people, but it's all love though.

First word of the day? HECTIVE. I'm pretty sure the young man meant to say "hectic," but maybe he couldn't quite think of it in time. No worries, made-up words happen to the best of us! LOL

Anywho, Happy Thanksgiving Eve. What are you thankful for?

I'm thankful for dictionaries and spell check. :)