Why You Shouldn't Let Grammar Mistakes Stop You From Writing

why you shouldn't let grammar mistakes stop you from writing

November is "National Novel Writing Month" aka #NaNoWriMo and this blog is to encourage all of us writers, bloggers, authors, poets, students, and everyone else who loves putting words to life. Although this month is specifically targeted to novel writers, I feel that all writers can be apart of this "writing" movement.

That being said, I know there are obstacles that we face as creatives. Outside of writer's block, there's the gruesome editing process. If you are anything like me when I published my first book two years ago, you are limited on resources, specifically resources that involve money. In other words, you are on a tight budget. If that's your testimony, don't fret. I have good news for you!

Below are 3 cost-effective resources to help you with the overwhelming power of editing your work:

1. Recruit A Smart Friend

We all have that one friend that's always taking a class or correcting someone's grammar on facebook (without their permission). Yeah, recruit that person. It will allow them to utilize their smartness (<-- yep, I said it). BOOM! That's free service and an extra pair of eyes for your writing piece.

2. Grammarly.com

This app/website is something like a blessing. No, seriously. It was very helpful for me during the editing process of my first book. I copied and pasted bits of my writing onto the site and clicked the "check my text" button and viola. grammar mistakes no more. I mean, not really, but you get it.

3. Fiverr.com

For $5.50, you can hire an editor that will edit a certain amount of words (typically 10,000). Sure, this seems like nothing when you're writing a novel, but it's a start. And if you see a cycle of grammar and/or spelling mistakes within your professionally edited work, then you may be able to correct the rest on your own.


There are other cost-effective resources, but these are the top three that came to mind. Let me know if you want more editing resources and tips?!

I'm rooting for you, my fellow writers.

Be brave!