Why You Should Write To Serve

Why You Should Write To Serve by Nailah Harvey

Hey, good people!

Today's post is a bit different. I don't have any grammar advice, but I do, however, have some untraditional writing advice: WRITE TO SERVE.

As I get older, I am learning the importance (and honor) of serving. As a Christian, I've studied servitude and experienced it first-hand, but I've never experienced it in business quite like I did last year. That experience brought balance and clarity to my life and overall brand.

Giving is better than receiving. That’s Bible! When I started to intentionally incorporate this spiritual (and practical) life application into my business, I saw a difference in my writing; it was more centered around my God-assigned audience. I have a million non-published books in my archive, but I’m learning to focus on what serves my audience. I probably would receive more cashola if I published even 1/3 of what I already have written, but why?


Writing to serve is more satisfying than writing to receive.
— Nailah Harvey

I pray these words motivate you to focus on your purpose and God-assigned audience.

What service(s) are you ready to share with the world? (Let's talk about it in the comments below.)