Why You Should Set A Goal Before Writing Your Book

GOALS! They're a popular hashtag on social media, but do we really know how important they are?! Goals help us strive toward something, and that something can be a want or a need.

Today, I'm writing this post to let my aspiring authors know that you need to set a goal before writing your book if you want to have any type of writing success. Ask any published author, and I'm 99% sure they'll agree. If your goal--for example--is to be famous, then you may want to look into traditional print because of its influence and exposure to various mediums and bookstores. You may also want to look into hiring a professional editor and graphic designer to help you edit and create your work, as well as a book coach to help motivate you to write. I’m not saying you can’t do all of this yourself--edit, design, motivate--I'm saying there’s more to consider when your goal is bigger.

Identifying a book goal can set the tone for an author's unwritten book. It can help that writer take into account all technicalities, legalities, and fees associated with his or her creative work. For instance, the purchase of an ISBN number is not a small fee (to some), so it may be worth it to have a specific goal in mind before investing in the 13-digit book number. After all, the publishing platforms that I'm familiar with (Amazon, CreateSpace, and Smashwords) give you the option of a free ISBN number when you publish through them. If your goal is to be a National Bestseller, then you may want to consider purchasing your own ISBN number. If your goal, however, is to write a book to cross off your bucket list, then a free ISBN number may be perfect for you. See how it all depends on the goal?!

Another piece of advice before writing your book: look into higher levels of protection. For some authors, books will be your first piece of intellectual property, so it’s important to consider the legal aspects that can be associated with them.

“When you write, you copyright.” -–Dr. Fred Jones

All in all, setting a goal before writing your book can provide clarity for you as an author, as well as clarity for your potential readers. Setting a goal is essential before completing any major project, books included. It also the first step in my 5-step process to help aspiring authors organize personal book-worthy messages into shareable content for others. If you'd like to read more about how I write (and have written) all 7 of my books, then feel free to check out my latest workbook, How To Write Your First Book: Helping Aspiring Authors Overcome the Book-Writing Hurdle. (See below.)