Why You Should Set A Deadline When Writing Your Book

Setting a deadline before writing your book by Nailah Harvey

Okay, writers...let's get real. When's the last time you achieved something without setting a goal? (Don't worry, I'll wait.)

Nine times out of ten, we--humans--do not get around to accomplishing our goals if there is no urgency or deadline attached to it. Well, the same applies to any book-writing goal. NO DEADLINE, NO BOOK. At least not as soon as you would like to have it written.

Deadlines help you reach your goals. Setting a deadline is an actionable step. Another benefit of a deadline is that it can be broken down into mini deadlines. For instance, if you desire to write a seven-chapter book in two months, then you can break down that deadline by writing one chapter per week. That’s reasonable. With this process, you will reach your deadline in about seven weeks. If you decide to have your book edited (which you should), you have a week of wiggle room, or you can set another deadline for the editing process. See how we just set a goal AND deadline for a seven-chapter book and it doesn't seem overwhelming?! That's the power of setting deadlines. Keep in mind that deadlines are different for everyone. They may depend on budget, access to resources, skill set, and expertise, and personal circumstances. 

That being said, I want to encourage all of my fellow writers to write your book! Be committed to yourself and what you want. If you want to write a book, then take the necessary steps to write a book! Research. Invest. Seek help. Figure it out. 

Commit to the book-writing process! Commit to the goal. Commit to the deadline. 

Stop treating your book like an inconvenience. :-)

Happy Writing!


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