Why Saturday is A Productive Writing Day

Most people don't work on saturdays, and by that, I mean most people don't go into an office if they work a 9 to 5. Of course all of my entrepreneurs out there, we work every day (even it's a few hours).


Saturday morning is peaceful. There's not a lot of traffic because K-12 students typically don't have school on the weekends; therefore, parents, school buses, and other transportation means for students are on a mini break from driving. That's why saturday MORNING (to be exact) is a great day to write...the hustle and bustle of Monday through Friday is at a minimum. The sounds of anxious students (all grades, really) are few. The sounds of flustered drivers are few. Overall, the morning distractions are few. You actually have time to hear the birds chirp. You actually have time to hear the soundtrack of your writing success via typing or pen and pencil, if you're a traditional writer.

Intentionally, I am writing this blog post on a Saturday morning. This is the time I would normally be teaching elementary school students. Instead, I am in my bed comfortably writing (typing) these words to tell you how productive Saturday morning writing can be.

Homework: If you haven't already, try waking up early on a saturday morning to write. you will get so much done. trust me!

Happy writing!