Why I Switched to NHARV.com


Welcome to my NEW WEBSITE!

I'm so excited. It's an excitery! :)

The new website comes with my new brand, and I would like to formally introduce you to "N.HARV by Nailah Harvey." Rebranding is tough, especially when you're comfortable with the brand you've built for years. Nevertheless, all things must eventually come to an end. Today is my "end" to my former blog: www.themiscellaneousfiles.com. It's been a great 5 years, but it's time to move on.

Nowadays, I want to focus specifically on what I am good at. I also want to hone in on my niche and I thought making my blog less miscellaneous would attract a certain target audience, as well as give a clear glimpse of my mission. What is my mission? My mission is to abolish bad grammar across the globe. LOL. Just kidding. (But not really).

I digress.

I am passionate about the English language, and I want everyone to look better in writing!

The English language is hard. There's informal and formal writing, grammar faux pas, and other confusing literary techniques. Who has time to remember all the rules?! No one. But this can be a place where you get bits and pieces of the great universal language, otherwise known as English.

To learn more about my story, click here.

Thank you, and I love you all.