What is Grammar & Why is it Necessary?


Before I dedicate my entire blog to giving grammar and writing advice, I thought I would take a step back and actually define grammar. How can you be better at something without knowing what that initial "something" is, right? Well, that's the motivation behind this blog post. I want to explain what grammar is and why it's necessary within any language.

Grammar is ALL of the rules that make up a language. For the sake of this blog, we will reference the Standard American English Language as the language of focus. Two very important elements of grammar include syntax (arrangement of words) and morphology (the study of the forms of words). Without knowing how to arrange words into groups, sentences, phrases, questions, expressions, and paragraphs, we would simply have words, but no communication. Does that make sense? We need grammar. Grammar is the foundation of language because it's the foundation of how we communicate with one another.

The study of grammar is great, especially if you're an English-language nerd like myself. Nonetheless, solely studying grammar will not maximize your writing skills. Understanding how and why grammar connects with language will clarify the significance of its use, and help maximize your writing skills.

The next time you think about grammar, think about it as the "set of structural rules" that are necessary within a language.

Remember, grammar is for everyone!

Be brave, writers.