The Secret to Avoiding Spelling Mistakes

how to correct spelling mistakes in writing

Besides the red dotted line that shows up in spell check (on phones, computers, tablets, etc.), you can use grandfather Google to help you avoid making spelling mistakes in your writing. Yes, Google--the search engine. Don't believe me, try typing in a word that you're not sure how to spell and wait for the suggested spelling notifications. "Did you mean 'burrito' instead of 'bureeto'?" Why, yes I did. I typed in the incorrect spelling of burrito into Google and it recognized my hunger misspelling.

That's just an example.

I digress.

Another way to use grandfather Google to avoid spelling errors is to pay attention to the autofill when you type in any word. If there are a lot of options with the same spelling that you typed in, then the chances of that particular word being spelled correctly are high.

Please note that there are rare cases when grandfather Google doesn't have all the answers; nevertheless, don't let these rarities stop you from writing great words. Snoop around the internet until you come across some spelling, grammar, and writing help. check out example sentences and articles in the Google search feed until something resonates with your writing spirit. :-)

Be brave, writers!