The Reason No One Is Taking You Seriously As A Writer

Happy Writer Wednesday!

I don't mean for this blog post to be harsh, so hear my heart. Sometimes, our parents, leaders, advisors, teachers, and coaches have to be "matter of fact" to get their point across. Well, that's what I'm doing today. It's quite uncomfortable, therefore, I'll keep is short.

No one is taking you seriously as a writer because your writing is inconsistent. (I learned this hard truth a few months.) The inconsistency could be in your social media and/or blog posts. Or worse, you may not have a social media and/or online presence. Word to the wise, if you want to be recognized as some type of writing authority, you need social proof. That's just the way things work nowadays.

If you're an author, it's wise to have the same voice on social media that you have in your books. If not, readers may get confused, and you could possibly lose a little street cred. One way to avoid confusion is to simply be consistent. If you use oxford commas and formal language in your blogs, then you should probably use punctuation and formal language in your tweets. (NOTE: Punctuation is always necessary.) If your emails are funny, then your facebook ads should probably not be stiff. 

Long story short, BE CONSISTENT!

I am passing this info along because someone checked me and it helped me improve my writing and business saavy. Now, I want to help you!

Be brave, writers!