The Most Important Skill to Help You Write Better

the most important skill to help you write better

Obviously, there's not only one skill or technique or habit that you can implement to help you write better, but for the sake of this blog, I will stick to one. The most overlooked one. The most important one: PROOFREADING.

Don’t be afraid to proofread your work, folks. (Myself included). In fact, it's okay to proofread your proofread.

When I was a kid in grade school, I remember being excited about completing my homework in a timely fashion (including double-checking). Afterwards, I would show my mom my finished product(s) and she’d respond with “double-check your work again.” I never understood why she would say that. Did she not believe me? Was my work always filled with errors? Not so. My mom just wanted me to make a habit of proofreading my proofread(s).

That is my advice to my fellow authors, writers, bloggers, teachers, social media managers, and those who are reading this blog: PROOFREAD YOUR PROOFREAD. There will be times that you will overlook simple grammatical and spelling errors during your first proofread, but that's why you have to do another one. Sometimes, you may need another set of eyes to overlook your work and that is perfectly fine. The goal is always to start and make sure your writing is as up to par as can be.


Be brave, writers!