Happy Anniversary, Plus 1 Tour!


On October 5th 2013, my colleague, avery atkinson invited me to be a part of her vision. We hosted a 3-city tour sharing educational, cultural, and spiritual resources to our communities. The first stop was my hood: Los Angeles by way of Compton, California.

With Christ as our PLUS ONE, we spread the gospel in an unconventional, yet relatable way. The Plus 1 Tour theme also came from the ever-so-popular Bible scripture, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." (Phil 4:13). We encouraged people to live life to the fullest by walking in purpose. I still remember this moment like it was yesterday. I was nervous and anxious because I didn't know if people would show up. Not only was it a full house, but folks walked in from the streets and a couple of people traveled all the way from San Diego. Mind you, the event was in Compton, California...that's a long way from San Diego. Two hours or so. Nevertheless, God was glorified and we had a good time.

The mood of the tour was talk show-esque. Avery asked guests questions about school, religion, health, spirituality, culture, traveling overseas, etc. There were two guests for this show: myself and youtube star, charlycheer. I spoke more on the obstacles of (my) collegiate success and how my church upbringing positively impacted my career goals. Charly captivated the crowd with her expertise on health and wholeness. All three of us discussed our experiences living, traveling, and working overseas as women of color.

Thank you Avery for making this a reality, and thank you Charly for sharing this experience with us.

It was simply amazing!