One Reason to Visit the Watts Towers by Simon Rodia


Last month, I visited a national historic landmark right in my own neighborhood: simon rodia's towers in watts. I waited 30 years to take in this work of art, but better late than never. The beautiful thing about the Watts Towers is that it was built by one person, simon rodia, and that is reason enough to visit. Although it was a 34-year project, the structures are still standing today and will hopefully be standing for years to come!

Another fun fact: the artist only used glass, mirrors, seashells, rocks, ceramic tile, pottery, and marble to create the masterpiece(s). The three tallest towers are: 55 feet tall, 97 feet tall and 99 feet tall. How cool! When I was younger, I used to be ashamed to say that I am from Watts - a subculture of Los Angeles--in south L.A. Why? Because Watts is, unfortunately, more known for its gang and drug violence as opposed to its history and creativity. As an adult, I am proud to announce that I am an educated Black woman who appreciates my community and focuses on the positive in every place, thing, and person. I am from Watts, and I'm okay with that. :)

Be a product of your education, not your environment.

Be inspired.