My Secret to A Successful Sunday

the way to have an successful sunday

Traditionally in America, Sunday is honored as the Sabbath, or the day that is reserved for rest and worship. Even if you're not a Christian, most people recognize that this day is associated with religious affiliations. Sunday is also traditionally recognized as the first day of the week. Knowingly, I want to share my secret weapon to start off my week with great expectations; my secret to a successful Sunday. It's an additional prayer (along with my daily prayer):

"God, please help me make this week the best week of my life! Help me enter each day with gratitude and greatness. If there is an unexpected situation that may normally take me out of my character, help me respond differently. Help me season my words with grace and let every conversation I have with someone leave them feeling inspired and loved."

I know. my prayer may seem cliche, but it works if you allow it to. By praying, in advance, for a successful week, my Sunday turns out being successful (spiritually)! Of course, my problems, concerns, etc. are still present, but they're overshadowed by the presence of God.

Life is hard. Sometimes, we need an extra boost of help. What better boost than a spiritual boost? What better day to start the "renewing process" than the first day of the week.

I hope you guys have a light and introspective Sunday.