My Classroom Conversation at Compton College in 2016

Nailah Harvey Speaking at Compton College in 2016.jpg

Happy Friday...Flashback Friday!

I want to share a video of my first speaking engagement at Compton College back in 2016. Why? Because I'm getting serious about speaking engagements and I thought sharing my "classroom conversations" would be a cool way for me to promote myself. (Sometimes you gotta promote yourself, right?)

I'm sharing this throwback video today because I want to encourage anyone who's uncomfortable speaking in front of people. Believe it or not, I'm uncomfortable speaking in front of people. I know, I know. As a current ESL teacher and former substitute teacher of seven years, I know it's weird to hear me say that I'm uncomfortable speaking in front of people. Perhaps I should word it differently: I'm uncomfortable speaking in front of people about topics with which I have no experience. Education...teaching...writing...I can talk about these things in front of millions. Well, not millions, but you get my drift. I have experience teaching students from multiple grade levels, and I have experience writing seven books as a self-published author. Therefore, I confidently speak to anyone about these particular topics.


The video (below) shows me in my element: the classroom setting. 

REMEMBER: Speaking in front of people is no easy task. The trick is to find a way to be somewhat comfortable while doing so. For me, I'm most comfortable speaking to others in a classroom setting about education, the English language, writing, and/or brand building. Find what works for you, and let's be great together!