How to Punctuate Inside Parentheses

3 tips of how to punctuate inside of a parenthesis with given examples

Does the punctuation mark go inside the parenthesis? or does it go outside the parenthesis? If you've ever asked either of these questions, then this is the blog post for you.

When using parenthetical material a.k.a. the words inside of the parentheses, remember these simple rules:

1 || If it's a complete sentence, thought and/or question, then the punctuation marks go inside of the parentheses. In the example below, there are two closing punctuation marks for each of sentences. The closing punctuation mark (period) for the parenthetical sentence is inside of the parenthesis because it is a complete sentence:

Halian has a purple room. (The type of room that would make a king jealous.)

2 || When the parenthetical material is incomplete and/or at the end of a sentence, then the closing punctuation mark goes outside of the parentheses. In the example below, the period is outside the parenthesis. Only part of this sentence is parenthetical, for example:

Halian has a purple room (at her house).

3 || When a sentence has parenthetical material in the middle of it, or when there's an acronym, do not punctuate until the end of the sentence. (Questions are the exception to the rule). For example:

Halian's purple room (that most people love) is big (and makes us wonder how she painted it all?).   

Halian's Black Entertainment Television (BET) inspired room is full of culture.

I hope these tips help with your future writing(s).