How To Improve Your Writing Swag

Happy Wednesday!

No, no...Happy Writer Wednesday!

I thought it would be a perfect day to help you improve your writing swag. It's not that I don't think you already have writing swag, I just wanna upgrade ya! Okay, that's enough pop culture references for one blog post. Let's get into the content. 

There are many ways a person can take their writing from good to great, but I thought I would simplify things by providing 3 quick & easy tips...

1. Clearly express the tone of your written piece. Your choice of words should match your attitude. (e.g. formal, informal, sad, silly). Keep it PG-13, tho. LOL

2. Omit the unnecessary. It doesn't take a million words to write a simple sentence. Save the extra adjectives and prepositions for another sentence. It's okay. Really. 

3. Use punctuation marks correctly and properly. There's a difference between "Let's eat, grandma!" AND "Let's eat grandma!" Grandmothers are not food, but without a comma in its proper place, your sentence can read as such. 

Happy Writing!