Welcome to the Look Better In Writing Podcast!

The Look Better In Writing (LBIW) podcast is finally here. YAY! It's an audio outlet for all things writing and all things grammar. Think of it as another branch of this website. :)

Now, let me share why this podcast is so important to me...

Since turning 30, my birthday traditions have consisted of:
* A few hours of pure solitude to reflect on God’s goodness
* A new personal & professional challenge, and
* A conquered fear

Well, today, I combined 2 & 3 and started a podcast. YIKES! 😳 I sat on this idea for years now, but fear held me back. And while I’m still uncomfortable with recording my voice, I believe in feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

That being said...

I would love if you guys celebrated my birthday w/ me by taking a quick listen to my #LookBetterInWriting podcast and helping me spread the word.

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE: https://soundcloud.com/lookbetterinwriting/episode-1-intro