A Quick & Easy Guide to Capitalization (In Writing)


Ever drafted an email and got stuck on whether or not you should capitalize a word? Ever wanted to recommend a book online, but didn’t know how to capitalize the book title? If you’ve ever gotten confused about capitalizing days of the week, seasons, and proper nouns, then Look Better In Writing: A Quick & Easy Guide to Capitalization is for you.

Don’t let a basic grammar rule like capitalization hold you back from writing an easy-to-understand text message, social media caption, blog post, college essay, professional email, business proposal, church announcement, or any other form of written communication. The meaning of a word can change by simply capitalizing one letter in that word. That’s pretty powerful! Learn how to hold the power in your hands by learning when, why, and how to capitalize in writing.

Now that the book description is out of the way, let's talk about how WE are going to celebrate this book's release date tomorrow...WE are having a book signing! (I say "we" because you're all invited.)

I'm nervous.
I'm excited.
I'm tired. LOL

Writing a book is tiring. But promoting a book while writing it is even more tiring. Ooh wee. Why did I promote my book while writing it? Because I only had 30 days plus to get everything in order. Why? Because I gave myself this timeline.

On January 19th (this year), I challenged myself to write the second volume of my Look Better In Writing grammar book series...in 30 days. Once I wrote the book, I planned a book signing on March 3rd. Meaning, I had to tell people about the event (in a timely fashion) in order for people to show up. So, when you think about it, I wrote, edited, printed, and promoted my book within 30-45 days. YIKES!

But I did it. WE did it! Look Better In Writing: A Quick & Easy Guide to Capitlization (Vol.2) is here and ready for its release tomorrow.

That being said, if you're in the Los Angeles area, I'd love to celebrate with you. :) If you're not in L.A., feel free to celebrate my new book by pre-ordering it on my website: http://www.nharv.com/books/lookbetterinwriting-volume2 *shameless plug*

Nailah Harvey Book Signing for Look Better In Writing 2 Book.png

Thank you for your support throughout my book-writing challenge. (I can't wait to support you in your writing journey.)

Happy writing!