6 Instagram Accounts Every Writer Should Follow

Instagram, for me, is one of those social media platforms where I don't want to read, but I want to be captivated by visual masterpieces. That was a bit dramatic, but you get my point. I like to see pictures on Instagram. Even if the pictures have a few words, I feel like I'm not reading when the picture is surrounded by color or some other graphic distraction.

Storytelling is my favorite aspect of writing because I like telling stories. I like providing content for my readers to educate or entertain. I believe words have power. Interestingly enough, a picture is worth 1000 words, so I do respect the photography culture. 

I'm intrigued when people share their stories in creative ways. That's why I enjoy Instagram; it's a home for visual storytellers. That being said, I use every social media account for business and since I am in the "writing" business, I follow Instagram accounts that help me #LookBetterInWriting. (Sorry, I had to.)

Anyway, I believe sharing is caring, therefore, I want to share 7 writing-inspired Instagram accounts that I truly believe will help improve anyone's (American Standard English) writing skills.

Learning new words (and practicing how to use them in context) is a sure-fire way to improve your vocabulary--which in turn will improve your writing skills. New words mean new ways to entice your readers. plus, a large vocabulary also helps your speaking skills.


If you own a business, it's necessary to learn the lingo!


Because you gotta stay current.


Because: grammar.


Because informal language is just as important as formal language.


You thought I would recommend writing-inspired Instagram accounts without sharing my own?! No way. :)

The #LookBetterInWriting Instagram account consists of nicely-curated grammar and writing tips and is ready for your follow. Click HERE!

Happy Friday, and Happy Scrolling!