5 English Phrases That Koreans Use

5 english phrases that are translated differently in korean by NHARV

Over the last month and a half, I've learned that adapting to the Korean culture includes adapting to some (English) conversational phrases. For example:

  1. "HELP YOURSELF" = this actually means sit down and eat all of the food right in front of me so I can see your reaction
  2. IT'S DELICIOUS = this actually means why aren't you eating whatever the "delicious" food item is? When Koreans say, "it's delicious," it kinda forces you--as a foreigner--to try the food dish being serve
  3. CAN YOU HELP ME? = this question actually means can you do it for me? maybe not in all cases, but in the case of some of my co-teachers asking for help, this is what I've found the question to mea
  4. I LOVE YOU = this phrase is casually used in South Korea. I hear it from my students all of the time and it simply means I like you or I think you're cool in some way
  5. HEY = I need your attention...hello...look at this! if you want to read more Konglish (Korean + English) or about my experience in South Korea, check out my first book, SoKoDiaries: An American Teacher Living In South Korea by clicking here.