3 Ways to Minimize Writing Mistakes

3 ways to mazimize your writing and minimize your writing mistakes

Mistakes are bound to happen. We're human! But there are ways that we can prevent mistakes, specifically writing mistakes. Below are my top 3 tips to help us all (including myself) get our writing swag back!

1. Utilize Spell Check

Recognize the red squiggly line that shows up under a misspelled word, or the green line that pops up where there's a run-on sentence or something wrong in sentence structure. This is typically the first indicator that there is something grammatically wrong with your writing. The red and green lines are our friends. Let's not ignore our friends, they are there to help us #LookBetterInWriting. Utilize spell check. It's free!

2. Slow Down

You're in a rush to get out content before a certain deadline. I get it. But you gotta slow down. Just because you type fast doesn't mean that your content is correct in any way.

3. Proofread

I mean, I can't say this enough. proofreading is necessary in eliminating writing errors. I proofread all the time. Sometimes, I'll take a break and come back to a blog post or facebook status a few days later, and double-check my work when I'm more removed from the content. Don't skip the proofreading process. Ever!

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Grammar is for everyone!

Always strive to #LookBetterInWriting.