3 Reasons You Must Visit the MOCA Museum in L.A.

reasons to visit moca los angeles.jpg

Okay, I like visiting museums. So what makes the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) one of the best museums in Los Angeles, in my opinion? Well, there are three 3 things that make me feel this way.

1. It Displays Diverse Art

There are more than hanging abstract paintings, there are physical art forms, like 3D-you-can-actually-touch art.

2. It Feels American-ish

I was fortunate enough to visit a museum in another country and it doesn't have that classic all-American feel like the MOCA. I can't explain it. It's like a feeling of bravery and accomplishment and freedom. Given, all of the artists are not American, yet the atmosphere is American-ish. Get it? No? Okay. Unfortunately, we still have to move on.

3. It's in the Heart of Los Angeles

Some of my fellow (Los) Angelinos may not agree, but the final reason why you must visit the MOCA is that it's in the heart of Los Angeles otherwise known as Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA). Downtown is booming. Skyrise buildings. Quaint restaurants. Historic museums. DTLA is hot on the scene.

What's your favorite museum in Los Angeles?