3 Cost-Effective Resources to Help With Grammar Mistakes (+ Video)

low cost resources to avoid writing mistakes

Guess who's making YouTube videos again? ME.

I know, I know. Why the need for a video announcement, you ask? Well, let me say this...making videos is hard. I mean, it's not hard hard (when you say things twice it emphasizes the importance), but it's time-consuming. I'm a writer, so I flow better behind a computer screen, or with pen and paper. Interestingly enough, videos are helping me get out of my comfort zone. Although I'm a teacher, public speaking is still a struggle for me. Therefore, I'm turning YouTube into my e-classroom to strengthen my public speaking and video-creation skills.

Anywhovers, today's blog post will be in the form of video content. Please watch my latest YouTube video and let me know what you think. Be honest! I'm trying to learn how to better serve my audience, and in order to do that, you guys have to tell me what you like and don't like.


Okay. Without further ado...

Remember: Always strive to #LookBetterInWriting.