3 Beauty Secrets I Learned At Age 30

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I thought today would be a great day for some beauty advise/tips/secrets! I don't know what it is about 30, but all of a sudden things are just clicking. For instance, my low maintenance beauty regimen is finally working out in my favor, and I'm pretty geeked. How geeked? I'm so geeked, I'm writing a blog about the 3 beauty secrets I learned at age 30. With sharing this info, I hope to help someone else save their coins and time.

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1. Use Old Products Before Buying New Products

Don't be a product junkie. It's not a good look. Stick to the things you really need--which is hard when we live in a world with YouTube (monthly) favorites. But if you live in a smaller house like I do, then seeing a million product bottles will drive you crazy. Do yourself a favor and stay sane.

2. Use Essential Oils

Why? They have multiple uses and they are the ingredients in most beauty products. Plus, it's cheaper to buy them a la carte. For example, I keep a jar of organic coconut oil (approx $6) at hand because I use it as a moisturizer for my face and hair, a cuticle softener, and I'll even put it in my frying pan when I'm out of olive oil (but that's neither here nor there).

3. Be Consistent

I can't advise this enough. I was notorious for trying out products for a couple of weeks and getting anxious when I didn't see quick results. Then I'd stop using the current products and try new ones without giving my skin and body a chance to adapt. I had the wrong attitude, and I am proud to say that I am now a little more gracious with my body, skin, and time. I wait for results and give products an honest chance before I keep 'em or trash 'em. (But I'm too cheap to throw things away, so I'll either use an entire product resentfully, or I'll give it away.)

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What are your beauty secrets? Let's have a discussion in the comments section.

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